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Online Website Marketing

Do you have a website already but are not getting the amount of traffic you really want? Do you want to expand your client base, branding and products? We offer the solutions to these very questions.

The Engine behind a websites success exists within its Marketing Plan. With the Right Plan your website can go from Obscurity to Popularity Overnight! Utilizing both online and offline methods ensures that you saturate your Local Area through search engine listings and directly-distributed flyers, all directing potential clients to your website.

We provide online marketing but also create Ads, Flyers, Newsletters and Graphics for Print Media.

Online Marketing

Our Online Marketing Rosters includes:


Genre-Specific Email List Promotions

Here we use auto responders that target the interests of those you want to market to, and promote your products and services to them. An example would be an online course that teaches visitors about the industry you are within, for free. They receive emails over 3 months, every other day or once per week, directing them to your site and services.

We also will promote your website within the email-based newsletters of genre-related websites, so that your website reaches the most people it can that are interested in what you have to offer.


Search Engine Optimization

We can update and optimize your website content and coding, so that your website is ranked higher in the different search engines out there, thus getting you in touch with surfers looking for your type of services.


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Here we target searching engines and multimedia content websites, such as youtube.com and other genre-related websites, to present your site to those most likely to be into your brand.


Internal Marketing

This type of marketing involves finding Conversion Points within Your website that are not being utilized and optimizing them so they can make you more money. An example would be creating an Up-sell Page attached to the "Buy Now" button on your site that offers the visitor a related or "needed" accessory they can add to your shopping cart. You can even create free courses that have paid or premium courses they are based on that will give valuable information for free and spark interest in your additional courses. The list goes on and on.


Promotional Article Campaigns

What we do here is take some of your articles that you will write and promote them throughout the various article-based websites like ezinearticles.com so that you become established as a leader in your industry. All your articles will have links to your website, so anyone who is interested in what you have to say or offer will be able to check you out for more.


Affiliate Campaigns

We can design and integrate an affiliate system within your website that will allow other people to sell your products/service for you, for a % of the sale. If you were selling a product/service of $100, you would then give an average of 25%-50% to the affiliate who found you the client in the first place.

If you had 100 affiliates bringing you 1 sale per day, that would be 3000 additional sales per month. As long as you are still making a profit after you pay the commissions to the affiliates, your online business and presence is guaranteed to succeed. The question is: Can you keep up with the demand?

These strategies and much more, which will remain a "trade secret" are the ways and methods we can use to help your website expand its online presence, and help you attain more visitors and traffic so your site than you ever thought possible.



We operate on a Budget System. Whatever your budget is, we utilize those funds to test-market a variety of strategies that suit your business to determine which ones are productive. Once that is established, your budget is reallocated to the high-producers to maximize your ROI, and effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

All marketing cycles are 3 months or 12 weeks in length. You can schedule as many cycles as you wish. If there are specific marketing strategies you want us to accomplish you can also discuss that with us and we will see what we can do to meet your needs.


Minimum Budget Requirements

In order to achieve most results out of a 12 week cycle, we require a budget of at least $1500 to achieve sufficient results.

If you meet these requirements and are ready to begin, please fill out a Free Quote Request Form and one of our Web Associates will Contact You shortly:

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