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YMS Web Solutions has great expertise in Ecommerce development and has a team dedicated to it. With increase in internet users and innovating technologies, Ecommerce has become a lucrative option for business owners. It has changed the way trade and commerce is conducted today. It allows easily marketing and selling products to the global market.

Retailers are coming online and are looking for secure and flexible way of selling their products. Ecommerce has allowed users to shop online easily and with more security.

We design & develop Ecommerce websites based on the business nature and target audience. We make sure the customers have an excellent time browsing and shopping online and feel secure while paying with their credit cards. Our solutions include user friendly front-end that comprises of a shopping cart and product display pages. It also includes an Admin to manage orders, users, products, transactions, shipping, discount coupons etc.

We recommend and use SSL certificates with high encryption to ensure customer data is transmitted securely over the internet. We have worked with many Payment Gateways which include Paypal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, 2Checkout.com etc.

We build custom & secure payment pages to make sure the users feel secure and comfortable while making the paying and purchasing online. Ecommerce development involves all the latest web technologies like responsive bootstrap, Ajax, web 2.0 and multi tier architecture. If you are looking to sell online, get in touch with us and we could help you start selling and reach out to the global market easily.

Discovery & Understanding

We begin with understanding your company and your Ecommerce development requirements. Once we understand your requirements, we go through a complete study phase, where we do a competition analysis, study the various websites, define goals and objectives for your Magento website, and finally do a complete needs analysis. We arrange for a meeting during this stage, where we discuss the objective and Ecommerce business perspective of the whole website which enables us for further planning.

Project Approval

This is the next stage, where we, after analyzing the scope and need of the project, define a budget and specify the Timeline. We divulge these details during the kickoff meeting. At this stage we provide complete understanding of how we have calculated the project, and a breakup of the Timeline. Once this is approved, we move on to the next stage. We also give a specification list of all the elements that will be covered during development at this stage.

Design Magento Website

During this stage, our creative brains sit to work and design the web store. This web shop will consist of all the elements of creativity, experience, interface and specifications mentioned during the approval stage. Once the Magento theme design is done, we wait for approval for the design from the client. Once the design is approved, we move on to the next stage of development.

Magento Installation

This stage immediately follows the design stage. During this stage, we install and configure Magento. Once Magento is installed, we review before we begin the next installation.

Magento Theme Integration and Custom Development

After Magento is installed, we install Magento theme, define and customize the functionality and integrate the payment and shipping methods. Once the installation is done, we review each stage of the installation. We code the whole website, include the necessary Magento extensions required for the project, as well as any sort of custom development.

Content and Data Entry

It is time to add the products for the website. We add content pages like About Us, Company etc. to the website. The clients will need to add the product information. That part will be the responsibility of the client if it is not in quote.


Reviewing the website is an important element of the development of Magento based sites. We test across environment, across browsers and measure the stress and scalability for the website. We also test the speed of the website, from consumers and search engines point of view. Any bugs encountered during testing stage are fixed.

Make it Live

Once the testing is done, we convert the hosting to live format, and hand over the complete website to the client. We provide proper training of the Magento website to the client before handover.

Support and Maintenance:

The site can be updated by the client themselves. We provide support wherever necessary. Even after the website has been made live, we provide complete back end support. We offer repairs and maintenance in case of any issues to the client.

Key Points of Our Custom Magento Development Process

Best Magento Coding Structure:

Our offensive Magento Developers are well trained and experienced who follow the best coding structure and standard to deliver a project successfully. Our Magento Programmers have developed Extensions and Magento Templates for Magento Community which are available on Magento Extension Library, Our extension itself proves that we are following the best coding structure that is the reason our extension are available for download on Official Magento Connect Marketplace.


We use different Custom Application Development Versioning environment to store revisions and commits of all Custom Magento Development changes while developing a store. Our Magento Developers are aware of GitHub, Jira, Tortoise and other SVN version control application on real time. Versioning of programming code always producing validated, verified and structured code. Versioning is also helpful to deploy the application from Development to Staging and on production servers without any issues.


we always prefer to test our developed application in the manner it is developed for our client. We use both automated and manual testing to make sure the application runs smoothly. We have separate QA team who always confirming that the Magento Store is clear, smooth and bug free before it is going on production. Our approach to testing Magento store is not just to make it bug free, our main goal is to make the web store run in optimized and speedy manner. At the end of qualified testing from out Magento Testers it will be deployed production server.

Issue tracking

To track issues which come to use from the users or feedback providers we are registering it as a ticket. We have our own developed web application which is hosted on our internet server where all the process and tickets are assigned and worked. We are also used to with Basecampq and Jira if any customer prefer us to use.

Magento Project Management

Our Magento Project Management specs introduce transparency, directness and straight focus. We utilize Basecampq, Zira and other tools for the client end, internally we have our own reporting and company management system and project management is the part of it. It is hosted on internet. By using this Ecommerce Project Management tool we make sure to deliver small and Magento Enterprise Projects with standard structure caters with agile methodology.

We use tracking system for both external for client and internal for developers. Our Project Managers are always focusing to client updates and to consult issues with internal Magento Development Team. Our managers are always ready to communicate with our client to consult their website design, development and Magento Customization task with internal resources.

Deployment Process

Our Magento Ecommerce Development Process includes standard three tier process.

  • Development
  • Staging
  • Production

Above process utilizes robust automation process to elaborate and endow unremitting integration for our Magento Ecommerce Web Development Team.

Above steps benefits you because we provide significant and optimized progress over time during the Project Development stage. All the sites and modules are tested by our Professional Magento QA Team to make sure that all the deployments of Magento Stores more likely to work perfectly every time.

Performance Quality Analyze

We always prefer to have our all the application apparently work smoothly. We utilize the process to provide inner operational approaches to on-going performance. We provide multi way support both your hosting and Ecommerce Site Performance. We track the Versioning of the code and the optimization task performed and its effects over site which makes us to determine the issues we occurring. Our application are analyzed and tested on end user web browsers, all the application are cross browser compatibility.

We always track the internal logs of the application which are making us to aware of thresholds of issues, that way we can calibrate the probable issues before it can be a reason of small or big problem. We use third party services which notifying us of monitored reports and also getting emails from the third party if server went down. This tools are very frequent.

Our Magento development team is highly experience in delivering customized Magento solutions for:

  • Corporate Ecommerce - B2B / B2C / C2B / C2C
  • Multi Channel Ecommerce
  • Multi Store Ecommerce
  • Online Retail Ecommerce
  • Mobile Commerce-mCommerce
  • Social Shopping Website

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